Frequently Asked Questions


A patient assessment is performed by an experienced Registered Nurse.  This assessment evaluates the patient’s condition and medical needs, and includes consultation with the patient’s physician.

A personalized plan of care is designed and carefully reviewed by our Director of Clinical Services and/or supervising nurse with the caregiver assigned to care for you, as well as the family and other support personnel.  The plan of care is monitored and adapted to meet the changing needs of the patient.

All of our field professionals are CPR certified and are always receiving additional training to keep up with the latest technology and medical advancements. Our staff is professional, conversant, compassionate, supportive, dependable and empathetic. It is our philosophy for everyone involved with our agency to have a personal and caring touch. Each staff has a different characteristic that makes them a good fit for you, but at the core of every one of them is the passion to serve the client and make a difference in the world.

All applicants are required to provide evidence of training certificates, licenses or degrees.  Each applicant must pass a written examination and skills evaluation, and must attend a personal interview prior to being hired.  Past experience is most valuable when hiring our staff.  All references, including criminal background checks, are verified by trained personnel specialists, and verification of each applicant’s eligibility to work in the United States is verified.  Furthermore, all staff attends a comprehensive orientation program and signs a code of conduct policy and compliance agreement.

We have home health aides who are trained to assist with your medications and reminders, but if more assistance is needed an RN is available to help you

All caregivers are required to call the office in the event of an emergency which prevents him or her from getting to work.  With the assistance of the Company’s administrative department, Patient Care Coordinators will identify and assign a qualified replacement caregiver.

Yes, caregivers are under the supervision of our Director of Nursing, who oversees the entire Excellent Care Services staff. Making regular supervisory visits to evaluate patients’ needs, making new recommendations if needs change. Other office staff will periodically call to make sure everything is going okay.

Most group medical insurance, long-term care insurance, Workers’ Compensation, and automobile insurance policies will reimburse for Excellent Care Services’ services.  Excellent Care Services has preferred relationships with many insurance companies.  Our staff will help you through every step of the process to determine what your policy actually covers, and assist in the completion and submission of all required paperwork.
ECS services are often covered under a state Medicaid or Medicaid Waiver Program.  In order for Medicaid to reimburse for these services, you must be Medicaid eligible and approved to receive services by your state’s Medicaid program.
Medicare covers short-term, intermittent case as long as the client has a skilled need (i.e., the need for a nurse or Physical Therapist).  If you are eligible for skilled services under the Medicare Program, you may be entitled to a few hours of a Home Health Aide each week.

No, you can cancel services at any time.  In addition, our services are very flexible.  You can increase, decrease or change the days and hours of service at any time.

It is understandable that periodically an emergency may surface to disrupt treatment. You should or another responsible individual contact this office 24 hrs prior to any cancellation. Failure to do so may result in being billed for that scheduled service.

This is based upon your specific needs, however traditionally services may begin as quickly as 24 hrs from date of referral.

Excellent Care Services has been in business since 2001.

Excellent Care Services accepts private pay and most third party payers including, group health insurance, long term care insurance, no-fault, workers’ compensation, Medicaid, and many other governmental programs.  We also work with guardians, trusts, and most other third party payers.

We work with our clients to review payment options, and strive to manage the whole process to make payment as easy and stress free as possible.  Our intake department works with insurance companies to determine benefits for our services.  In the event that services are covered by insurance, we will bill the insurance company on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about completing forms.

No.  You will be invoiced each week for the services rendered during the previous week.  All Metro Health Care’s caregivers are all employees of the company, and therefore, you do not have to pay them directly.  Additionally, you will never be asked or required to pay an additional fee to the employees.